Our first party location network is alive with billions of real-time data signals. For over 10 years, Skyhook has delivered hundreds of billions of verified requests to power highly contextualized and location specific mobile experiences across the globe.

Powering the world's leading technology brands

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Location Context Now


Every application is looking for ways to increase engagement, differentiate to gain downloads and create opportunities to monetize. Adding Skyhook Context Accelerator’s powerful features and analytics to your stack allows you to create place-specific experiences that do just that.


No GPS? No problem!
Get location for your wearable or device.


Wi-Fi is far more than a network connection. It's a location source. Skyhook’s patented Precision Location intelligently combines Wi-Fi with GPS, Cell Towers, IP address and device sensors to give you the fastest, most accurate positioning for any device on any OS.

People Ignore Ads. They Engage Content.

Leading ad-tech platforms are using Context Accelerator to drive higher conversions because advertising backed by Skyhook contextual data feels just like content.

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