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    Pinpoint Accuracy

    Read about how IBM Watson leverages Skyhook’s location based services for IoT

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    Human Insights

    Think People First. Know what to say and when to say it.

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    Flexible Integrations

    Read how Skyhook helps Oracle Data Cloud customers improve advertising effectiveness

Unleash the power of location

When it comes to mobile location, spot on accuracy is critical. Skyhook provides you with pinpoint positioning for any connected device. Resulting in actionable behavioral insights that allow you to better target audiences and measure campaign effectiveness.

Skyhook Precision Location

Accurate location in any environment is difficult to achieve. Skyhook’s Precision Location leverages over 400 active patents to deliver pinpoint accuracy for any connected device anywhere on the globe

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Skyhook Context

Insights from mobile location should be at the heart of the personalized mobile experience. Skyhook's Context enables you to understand your users’ journey, interact with them in real-time and optimize their experiences as they move through time and space

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Skyhook Personas

Advertisers are always looking for the right blend of data driven insights to improve user engagement. Skyhook’s Personas engine transforms mobile device movements into rich human insights, audience segments, and store visit attribution

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Skyhook geofenced all of CardStar's 240k venues across 250 major brands, defying standard OS limitations. This new location-based UX change dramatically improved user engagement metrics, resulting in a 2x lift in average session length, 57% more daily active users, and 79% increase in app sessions per day.