Coverage Area

To pinpoint location, Skyhook uses a massive reference network comprised of the known locations of over 800 million Wi-Fi access points and cellular towers. To develop this database, Skyhook has deployed drivers to survey every single street, highway, and alley in tens of thousands of cities and towns worldwide, scanning for Wi-Fi access points and cell towers plotting their precise geographic locations. Skyhook's extensive coverage area includes most major metro areas in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Submit a Wi-Fi Access Point

To help Skyhook further improve its Wi-Fi coverage, you can submit an access point to the Wi-Fi reference database.

Sony Vita users, if you are experiencing location issues you should submit an access point to our database.

Check Coverage in Your Area

Type in your address and click Find It.

Wi-Fi Reference and Cellular Database

Skyhook's Wi-Fi and cellular database is the largest and most extensive in the world. Skyhook maintains the accuracy of this database through an ongoing and continuous process of data monitoring, analysis, and collection. The three main components are:

1. Baseline Data Collection and Establishing Coverage Areas

Data collection begins with identifying target geographic areas using population analysis. Skyhook territory planners build coverage schedules starting with population centers and then moving into residential and suburban areas.

Skyhook deploys a fleet of data collection vehicles to conduct a comprehensive access point survey within the target coverage areas. Every single passable street is included in the survey providing consistent coverage throughout the territory.

2. Automated Self-Healing Network

As more users reference location for mobile devices, our database is automatically updated and refreshed. This is what we call our Automated Self Healing Network.

3. Periodic Rescan

Depending on the aging of the survey data and the density of user-generated updates, Skyhook periodically will rescan entire coverage areas to recalibrate the reference network, ensuring that performance remains consistent over time. Every territory added to Skyhook coverage is continuously monitored to assess the quality of the reference network and determine whether a rescan is required.