Accurate location means better targeting and campaign performance for brands and more relevant content for consumers.

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See the bird’s eye view of where your users go and tailor your advertising strategy accordingly. Access in-depth insights about the behavior of your target audience before and after your campaigns are run.

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Increase clicks and conversions in your campaigns by targeting audiences more precisely. When you deliver the most relevant message, your audience is much more likely to engage - it no longer feels like advertising!

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Your brand is fighting for attention in the crowded advertising ecosystem. Leave your competitors in the dust and protect your brand integrity with accurate behavioral targeting that’s constantly refined.

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Our Unique Approach

You know the benefits of good location: reaching the right person at the right time with your advertising. But an increasing amount of location data in mobile campaigns is inaccurate - and it’s getting worse. Skyhook filters out bad location samples and accurately positions both devices and retail stores, ensuring your campaigns hit their mark and ad spend stays efficient, every time.

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