Skyhook Context Accelerator drastically simplifies giving your users the right features in the right place at the right time. Use Infinite Geofences and Personas to build dynamic user experiences.

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Imagine delivering exactly the content your users need at exactly the moment they need it. Skyhook empowers your app to dramatically improve user engagement by anticipating users' needs and intentions.

Bolster your direct advertising offering and strengthen your offline brick-and-mortar partnerships. Skyhook gives your app the ability to deliver more targeted content and wake up when users visit your offline partner locations.

Your app is fighting for users' attention in the app store and on their devices. Skyhook powers differentiating user experiences in the world's leading apps.


How CardStar doubled user engagement with Context Accelerator

Learn how Skyhook’s Context Accelerator powered a dramatic improvement in mobile loyalty app CardStar’s engagement metrics and opened the door for a new revenue stream.


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In their words

"Skyhook is the leader in location positioning, and MapQuest’s partnership with them will provide better experiences and greater reliability to our Android customers. MapQuest has made great strides to innovate its offerings within the mobile community, and we want to continue to work with like-minded organizations, such as Skyhook, to provide more intuitive, more relevant products to mobile users."

Christian Dwyer

General Manager and Senior Vice President