Right user, right place, right time. Our location features help you deliver a sophisticated mobile experience & gain offline user insights.

Improved User Engagement

Imagine delivering the exact content or offer your user needs precisely at the moment they need it. Skyhook can help you anticipate those needs and intentions to deliver a great user experience.

New Revenue

Bolster your direct advertising offers and strengthen your offline brick-and-mortar partnerships. Skyhook gives your app the ability to deliver more targeted content and capture user visits to offline locations with enterprise scale.

Differentiate from Competitors

Your app is fighting for users' attention in the app store and on their devices. Get noticed by making your app useful and relevant with enhanced user experiences.

What can we do for your app?

In their words

"Skyhook is the leader in location positioning, and MapQuest’s partnership with them will provide better experiences and greater reliability to our Android customers. MapQuest has made great strides to innovate its offerings within the mobile community, and we want to continue to work with like-minded organizations, such as Skyhook, to provide more intuitive, more relevant products to mobile users."

Christian Dwyer
General Manager and Senior Vice President

In-store Marketing:

Our SDK allows your apps to recognize a store’s unique identity (such as “Walmart” or “Starbucks”) based on Wi-Fi signals almost immediately. When a device enters a store or venue, you can trigger actions or messages instantly. As a result, we’ve taken behavioral analytics and geofencing to the next level.


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