GPS Alone Doesn't Always Know the Answer

Nov 21, 2017   

Posted by Nick Knellinger

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At Skyhook we see all types and sizes of companies looking to add location as either a core component or a premium feature. Location is a critical component for a wide range of use cases such as wearable cameras geo-tagging photos and videos, pet tracking, asset tracking, personal fitness wearables, portable gaming consoles, smart vending machines, child or senior citizen personal safety devices, and everything in-between. The one factor that has persisted throughout these engagements, since wearables and IoT began to rise in the past three years, is the varying spectrum of location technology knowledge that companies have.

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Topics: Devices, location

“America Runs on Dunkin'”, But Does Massachusetts?

Nov 16, 2017   

Posted by Keegan Ross

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Back in 2006 Dunkin’ Donuts started using the tagline “America Runs on Dunkin”. We decided to see just how applicable the tagline is to the state of Massachusetts, particularly during peak Pumpkin Spice season when Starbucks would theoretically provide the biggest challenge to that notion. We use anonymized user location data and dissected foot traffic patterns for this analysis. Before we dive into the answer though, let’s take a moment to talk about how we derived this information and what other insights the data reveals.

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Topics: Data Analysis, Foot traffic, Location Intelligence

World Series 2017: Brand Preferences and Behaviors of Astros & Dodgers Fans

Nov 8, 2017   

Posted by Brittany Dervan

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The 2017 World Series was a rollercoaster of a series. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros both played phenomenal baseball, but the Astros came out on top in Game 7 to claim the title and beat the Dodgers four games to three.

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Topics: Data Analysis, Foot traffic, Location Intelligence

The Nuts and Bolts of Skyhook's Location Intelligence

Nov 1, 2017   

Posted by Kanish Sharma

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Skyhook Geospatial Insights (GI) provides location based insights for businesses to make more educated decisions in order to gain a competitive advantage. In our first blog about GI, we talk about some of the applications of location insights in today's world. This technical product blog explains the components of GI and the output the product provides to our customers.

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Topics: location data, Location Intelligence

Locating Weightless IoT Devices

Oct 19, 2017   

Posted by Dave McHoul

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This is the final blog of a six part series dedicated to locating Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) IoT devices. Previous posts discussed locating IngenuLoRaLTE-M1NB-IoT and Sigfox devices. This post looks at the practical challenges associated with locating devices that communicate via the Weightless LPWAN protocol.  

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Topics: Internet of Things, location

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