GeoGuard and Skyhook Pioneer Media Piracy Protection for Film Industry

Aug 16, 2017   

Posted by Ronda Billings Morra

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Precise Location Data Enables Studios and Networks to Securely Pre-Release Content Without the Threat of Piracy

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, August 16, 2017 – GeoGuard, the geo-location piracy prevention experts and Skyhook, the world's leading behavioral location intelligence company, today announced a collaboration that provides the content industry with the industry's first solution that ensures viewers are verifiably watching films and TV at home. The solution is the first of its kind for the content industry and combines precise location data from Skyhook with today’s strongest defences against geo-piracy from GeoGuard.

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The Difference Between Location Accuracy and Precision and Why You Need To Know

Jul 7, 2015   

Posted by David Bairstow

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Location-based ad targeting means more relevant content for consumers, higher ROI for brands, and more revenue for publishers. In order for location data to be actionable, it must be both accurate and precise.

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