No matter what OS is powering your mobile or connected device, Skyhook is your location partner.

Superior Location

Don’t let your users wait for good location. We help create seamless experiences by providing the fastest, most accurate location available. Our Precision Location can deliver location with 99.8% yield and position users down to 15 - 20 meters.

Offline Location

Deliver precise positioning even when your device's Internet connection is unavailable. We resolve cached Wi-Fi and cell tower data on your device to location points once the device is online again.

User Engagement

Teach your device to respond to your users' surroundings intuitively. Context Accelerator can trigger content and UX changes the instant your users enter a store or select area.

What can we do for your device?


In their words   

"Accurate location information is of critical value to ensuring the quick dispatch, arrival and delivery of what is often life-saving assistance. After reviewing the market, we concluded that Skyhook's location network and technology capabilities were consistent with our requirements for enabling timely and accurate response."

Rob Goudswaad
Global Product and Service Programs
Philips Home Monitoring 

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