Skyhook Location Performance

Skyhook Location provides a ubiquitous and reliable positioning system for any environment and use case. Unlike other positioning systems, Skyhook Location performs exceptionally well in highly populated as well as indoor environments. The speed, reliability, accuracy and flexibility of Skyhook Location exceeds those of all other positioning systems.

Skyhook Location provides fast, accurate and reliable location in any environment. It optimizes raw location data from several different sources, and unlike traditional positioning systems it performs exceptionally well in urban and indoor environments.

Skyhook Location’s hybrid positioning improves upon Wi-Fi positioning accuracy up to 35% in difficult environments by leveraging signals from as few as two GPS satellites. In deep urban settings Skyhook Location uses weak GPS signals and WiFi to acquire a location 100% of the time (A-GPS works only 70% of the time). From a complete cold start, Skyhook Location delivers a full hybrid location in 4 seconds (compared to 30-60 seconds for A-GPS).

Skyhook has developed a detailed performance white paper that defines the methodology and results of -Skyhook’s field testing. To obtain a copy, contact the Skyhook Business Development Team.

10 meters    10 meters    30 meters
99.8% 80.0% 95%
1 sec 65 sec 30 sec