Advertisers are always looking for the right blend of data-driven insights to improve user engagement. Skyhook’s Personas engine transforms mobile device movements into rich human insights, audience segments, and store visit attribution

Human Insights

  • Understanding audiences based on where they go
  • Continuously evolving behavioral algorithms
  • Dynamic and continuously evolving audience profiles

Behavioral Targeting

  • Match devices with time and known places
  • Choose from thousands of targeting criteria or customize as needed
  • Refine messaging and target audiences based on demographics and offline behavioral insights

Store Visit Attribution

  • Validate when audiences visit venues based on campaign exposure
  • Measure campaign effectiveness between control, exposed and engaged audiences
  • Correlational venue insights on audience exposed to campaigns

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What makes Skyhook Personas different?


Accurate Personas




On-Demand Personas


Data Control

Ease of Integration


Continuously Curated Venues

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Our Unique Approach

You know the benefits of good location: reaching the right person at the right time with your advertising. But an increasing amount of location data in mobile campaigns is inaccurate - and it’s getting worse. Skyhook filters out bad location samples and accurately positions both devices and retail stores, ensuring your campaigns hit their mark and ad spend stays efficient, every time.

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