Skyhook Personas are a premium advertising tool. Maintain your brand’s integrity with only the best in location-targeted messaging.


Create the most effective campaigns working with our location expertise. Expect to see only the highest degree of accuracy in delivering your brand message.

Actionable Insights

Know what stores your audience visits, learn shopping affinities and refine your messaging both pre and post campaign.


Discover when your mobile ads drive in-store visits and see what types of consumers respond to your messaging.


Choose from thousands of different targeting criterias with the flexibility to design your own.

High Accuracy

We’ve raised the bar in mobile targeting: all Personas are built using constantly evolving algorithms, ensuring their contextual accuracy and ability to meet specific customer needs.


We don’t resell your data or Personas to other partners.

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Our Unique Approach

You know the benefits of good location: reaching the right person at the right time with your advertising. But an increasing amount of location data in mobile campaigns is inaccurate - and it’s getting worse. Skyhook filters out bad location samples and accurately positions both devices and retail stores, ensuring your campaigns hit their mark and ad spend stays efficient, every time.

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