Skyhook’s solutions are optimized for wearables, delivering precise and accurate location with minimal memory, power or bandwidth requirements.

A Positioning Solution for Any Wearable

Our integration options include an SDK, a Lite Client, an API and the new Embedded Location Gateway (ELG). The memory requirement for ELG is 100x less than a typical SDK used in smartphones and other mobile devices. The bandwidth requirement is 10x lower than traditional XML or JSON APIs.

Precise and Accurate Location

Skyhook’s global 1st party location network and hybrid positioning system delivers precise location (10 to 20 meter accuracy) with a 99.8% yield on location requests. Our solutions also provide the ability for devices with only Wi-Fi and/or cell radios to leverage location at any given time. Contact us for more information.

Companion Apps & Tethered Devices

For consumer devices with highly functional companion applications or that leverage a tethered device for resources, take a look at Skyhook’s Context Accelerator.

We'll work with you to enable location on your wearable device.

In their words

"Location is the core enabling technology to FiLIP. Location is the “where”- one of the core 5 questions kids learned growing up. It is one of the things people always want to know. When precise location is just known, it is great because it is one less thing to worry about. "

Joe Hughes
Director of Software Engineering
FiLIP Technologies