Know more about your audience with precise location data
Connect with the right audience at the right place and time
Measure ROI and location based advertising success rate




Every advertiser's goal is to know their audience. Mobile location data plays a key role in gathering deep audience insights for advertisers. The advertising ecosystem generates billions of impressions with mobile location signals each day. The challenge is that up to 90% of these location signals are not accurate enough to derive reliable audience insights. Skyhook filters and cleans this location data to help our customers gather meaningful insights such as buying patterns, brand preferences, preferred locations, purchasing power, and more — so your team can create effective location based advertising campaigns.


Mobile Audience Targeting

Advertisers often talk about targeting the right person at the right time and right place. The person and place part of the puzzle often pose a challenge, which is where mobile ad targeting technology can help. Advertisers need to accurately determine the mobile location of the person - their audience, and the place they are interacting with, like stores, venues, and more. Skyhook provides accurate location data on both audiences and venues, allowing advertisers to get very specific with location based mobile advertising. You can now implement mobile audience targeting that is as focused as someone who was at a movie theater within a specific period of time, or as high level as coffee lovers across the U.S.

Improved Advertising Attribution

Today almost 40% of marketers spend the lion’s share of their budget on attribution and measurement. Near-by isn’t good enough, advertisers need to eliminate false positives and accurately measure how successful they are in driving foot traffic to their stores or venues. Skyhook’s proprietary mobile geofencing technology and precisely positioned venue set identifies the exact moment a user enters a specific venue; allowing advertisers to get a true measure of campaign success and ROI. With accurate mobile geofencing technology, your team will even be more effective at optimizing location based ads over time.


Our Unique Approach

You know the benefits of good mobile location data: reaching the right person at the right time with your location based advertising. But an increasing amount of location data in mobile campaigns is inaacurate - and it's getting worse. Skyhook filters out bad location samples and accurately positions both devices and venues, ensuring your location based ads hit their mark every time.