Location-Based Experiences
Leverage geofence technology for better app personalization
Competitive Intelligence
Use geofencing to learn more about competitor performance
Geofencing for
Better UX
Drive user engagement through contextual user experiences


location-based experiences

Location-based experiences

Location aware apps provide users with the most relevant notifications and content when they are within or near specific venues. Skyhook's geofencing software enables location aware apps to identify the exact moment a user walks into a specific store or point of interest. Our proprietary location data gives businesses the ability to geofence their store locations as well as competitors'. As a result, marketers can deliver personalized offers relevant to a user's location, fostering brand loyalty and improving app engagement. With years of experience in retail geofencing, our software is perfect for bringing in more foot traffic and improving in store conversions with relevant promotions and offers.

Aside from transforming the app experience, Skyhook Context gives you the ability to send relevant marketing messages to users. Our software will enable your team to develop a comprehensive geofencing marketing strategy, including accurate push notification messaging when users are within the proximity of certain locations.

Competitive Intelligence

Marketers can use location data to generate deeper user insights and make more data driven decisions. With Skyhook Context, marketers can set-up highly accurate geofences both at their locations and at competitor locations, to gather insights such as buying habits, loyalty level, visit frequency and more. These insights can be used for more sophisticated and personalized location-based marketing. Retailers can also use this information to integrate with their CRM system and categorize users based on various loyalty levels and target them accordingly.

With Skyhook geofencing technology, you can even target app users who are at or who have recently visited a competitor's retail location. By targeting app users near competitors, you can incentivize moving them over to your retail location. Our leading geo-conquesting technology will help you convert app users into loyal customers.


Personalized User Experience

Brands with the best ROI are often on the cutting edge of delivering amazing user experiences. Integrating the Skyhook Context SDK can help brands and retailers improve user experience by tailoring mobile apps to a user's location.

Skyhook's geofencing services can improve the user experience by removing friction from payment transactions. With the Skyhook Context SDK integrated, an app can automate several steps in the payment process, from notifying users when they’re in the vicinity of a specific store or venue to prompting users to complete a transaction. The location SDK works well for many different types of locations, like gas stations, big box retail stores and quick service restaurants. While users enjoy a more fluid experience, brands can gather additional data on visit frequency, preferred location, buying habits and more.

Geofencing 101

Our location SDK allows your apps to recognize a store’s unique identity (such as “Walmart” or “Starbucks”) based on Wi-Fi signals almost immediately. When a device enters a store or venue, you can use our advanced mobile geofencing technology to trigger actions or marketing messages instantly, and also gather insights on your customer's journey.