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The New My.Skyhook Account

Jan 14, 2014   

Posted by Kipp Jones

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You may have noticed that Skyhook is rapidly changing. We are listening to the feedback of our users and the industry and doing a little bit of looking into our crystal ball. The result is the new My.Skyhook experience with an improved registration process, a dynamic view of analytics, a quicker way to access documentation and product evaluations and an easy way to keep track of projects that use Skyhook technology.  


Get started by creating your new My.Skyhook account to personalize your experience. Our streamlined registration process has been updated to make it easier for you to get from registration to your first Skyhook project. Just sign up and sign in to your account and you can get access to the Precision Location SDK as well as our newest product, Hyperlocal IP.  

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CardStar Enhances User Experience With Context Feature Infinite Geofencing

Dec 9, 2013   

Posted by Kipp Jones

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CardStar, a mobile rewards app from Constant Contact used by more than 4 million consumers worldwide, enables shoppers to store all of their loyalty cards and key tags on their mobile devices. CardStar is delivering a dynamic location-based user experience that improves the app’s usability by decreasing time spent manually searching for cards.  

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