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How to Use Location Data Effectively in Your Ad Campaign

Aug 15, 2017   

Posted by Matt Kojalo

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This blog first appeared on Oracle Data Cloud's blog

Much has been said about the value that location data brings to digital advertising—particularly as ad spend and screen time continue shifting to mobile.

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3 Easy Steps To Creating Skyhook Personas For Ad Targeting

Mar 27, 2017   

Posted by Matt Kojalo

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Our On-Demand Personas for advertisers launched early last year, and they offer agencies and brands a robust targeting option to reach just the right audience.As advertisers segmentation needs extended beyond our pre-built Skyhook Personas, we decided to open up our demographic, venue visit and visit frequency inputs to create On Demand Personas. We now have over 3,000 On-Demand Personas to choose from, giving advertisers the ultimate flexibility in identifying the mobile audiences they need.

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MMA Mobile Automation & Programmatic Leadership Forum Insights

Apr 26, 2016   

Posted by Matt Kojalo

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In the early days of mobile advertising, just getting a simple 320x50 ad to show up on my test Sprint Sanyo Katana in 2007 was an extremely frustrating challenge. Thankfully those days are long past, and we now have the ability to enrich ad targeting with all types of 1st and 3rd party data. personas_header_6.png

At the MMA Mobile Automation and Programmatic Leadership forum on April 14th, speakers gave crucial insights on how advertisers can better use their own data as well as 3rd party data to optimize their campaigns. These themes and more were covered at the event - read on for the recap.  

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