Skyhook Launches Precision Location for IoT (Internet of Things)

Oct 4, 2016   

Posted by Ronda Billings Morra

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BOSTON, Sept. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Skyhook, the world's leading independent location platform, today announced the launch of Precision Location for IoT (Internet of Things), a lightweight, battery-conscious solution for integrating precision location into connected devices. Already award-winning, Skyhook's Precision Location for IoT has received a 2016 Product of the Year Award from IoT Evolution Magazine and IoT Evolution World, the leading magazine and website covering IoT technologies.

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Delivering a Dynamic UX: 3 Brands that Leverage Location Right

Jul 21, 2016   

Posted by Brittany Dervan

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Brands are always looking for a competitive advantage and new ways to deliver the most desirable and user-friendly products.  As the consumer technology space continues to explode, product and app developers have realized that adding location is imperative to a dynamic user experience. Location allows you to add context, target consumers more efficiently and increase engagement. 

These three brands have set the bar high by implementing new location-based features into their products:

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Customer Spotlight: Sharp Selects Skyhook for Location in New Mobile Robot Phone, RoBoHoN

Jun 13, 2016   

Posted by Angela Diaco

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Skyhook is partnering up with Sharp to provide accurate location in their new mobile robot phone, RoBoHoN. There's not much RoBoHoN can't do. Standing just under 8in tall, his voice activation allows him to help in the office and kitchen. You can talk, make actions, or express feelings with him. 


We spoke with Tomoya Tanaka, Manager of Product Planning Dept, and Takayuki Mohri, Manager of Software Development Dept at Sharp to discuss the relationship.  

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IoT World: How Wearable Devices Impact the Healthcare Industry

Jun 3, 2016   

Posted by Michael Douglas

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 The healthcare industry is brimming with interesting IoT applications. According to Andy Castonguay, Principal Analyst at Machina Research, The U.S has the highest spending per capita for healthcare in the western world - 22% of America’s GDP was spent on healthcare between 2014 and 2015. Expert panels at IoT World in Santa Clara discussed how connected things can solve some of the industry’s main challenges around reducing costs and improving patient care. How IoT can do that:

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Locating a 911 caller

Jun 2, 2016   

Posted by Dave McHoul

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On a recent episode of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” on HBO, John presented a special report on the state of 911 location. While the report is sprinkled with John Oliver’s witty and humorous viewpoint on the subject, the underlying issue is very real and, ironically, has gotten worse as cellular technologies have improved.

Luckily, there is an answer to this problem that’s cost-efficient and can be implemented quickly.  But first the history…


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