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IoT Location Tracking

Several smart appliance manufacturers who offer Wi-Fi connectivity have been able to take their functionality to the next level. By implementing Skyhook location services on appliances, manufacturers can get a better understanding of both where their goods end up and of their consumers, enabling manufacturers to find ways to optimize warranty as well as servicing and repairs.

Skyhook uses a proprietary hybrid location positioning system to provide precise location data for digital asset management. With IoT enabled asset tracking, you can follow your equipment to better predict delivery times and improve overall business operations.

Detect low inventory in specific store or warehouse locations, locate lost or stolen inventory to improve theft recovery or simply provide timely product updates to customers by leveraging asset location data.



Industrial IoT Platform is forecasting about $19 trillion in cost savings and profits by 2020 through IoT. Skyhook’s location SDKs play a key role in providing location data for any connected device. Customers have incorporated Skyhook technology to track assets as they move within a warehouse or supply chain. For medical asset tracking, customers can follow their devices as they go from patient to patient as well as equipment that may be loaned out for home healthcare.

Our industrial IoT platform is powered by precise location tracking. Whether you need location data for hospital asset tracking software or digital asset management, Skyhook can help transform and optimize your production and delivery line.

Location Data for Any OS

According to IHS Global Standards, the number of IoT devices is forecast to skyrocket to over 30 billion by 2020. This will include devices such as TVs, cameras, appliances, medical devices, vehicles, wearables, smart devices, logistics management and much more. The growth in devices will be partnered with an increase in the variety of OSs that power these devices. Skyhook builds customized SDKs to provide accurate location data for enterprise applications on any device and any OS. As a leading location intelligence provider, we're committed to supporting IoT location tracking across a multitude of devices. Whether you're needing to monitor industrial goods or medical equipment, our location SDK can help.


Do A Lot With Little

Have a device with limited memory, data plan, or only Wi-Fi or Cell radios? Check out ELG on GitHub.