Imagine having a single platform to manage the location features in your product, regardless of how many different platforms or OSs your software supports. Skyhook is that platform, and we scale with your business

location management platform

Ensure that your customers' devices are where they claim to be, and are not being spoofed. Give your customers added functionality to define how, when and where their sensitive information can be accessed.

Comply with government regulations and contractual restrictions for Internet gambling, financial transactions and streaming media.

Deliver precise positioning even when an Internet connection is unavailable for your device. We selectively cache Wi-Fi and cell tower data on your device, and resole it to location points once the device is online again.

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In Their Words

"The Skyhook solution will be an integral part of our broader service offering. Geolocation is a primary concern in New Jersey and Skyhook enables CAMS to ensure that gamblers are in the correct jurisdiction."

Matthew Katz



Case Study

How Optimized Location enhances Data Loss Prevention

Leading endpoint data protection Druva drove more business and customer adoption by adding location to their offering.


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