Skyhook's embedded solution is secure, flexible and scaleable, providing location for asset intelligence and/or real-time mapping.


We help manufacturers reduce operational costs by allowing them to easily track their assets through warehouse and storage facilities with precision and accuracy.

Supply Chain/Logistics

For Supply Chain and Logistics companies who need real-time insight into the movement of their assets, we offer secure, scalable location awareness for connected things along the supply chain.


Using Skyhook’s Precision Location for IoT, healthcare providers can now track high value equipment and connected things throughout the health system.

We’ll give your connected things location awareness

In their words

"Electric Imp customers can tap Skyhook’s global network of billions of Wi-Fi and cellular network node locations. Now they can create reliable, accurate and scalable insights into IoT edge device use."

Padma Duuvuri
Head of Business Development and Partnerships
Electric Imp

LoRaWAN Compatible

Precision Location for IoT allows you to locate devices globally with high accuracy even when gateways are sparse. Skyhook has developed this product so that it is compatible with LoRaWAN to suit devices that need minimum bandwidth and power consumption.