Skyhook's Geospatial Insights provides robust and intelligent location data to help our customers gain a deeper understanding of the market through the lens of location.

Foot Traffic Analysis

Analyze movement patterns around specific venues or events to extract meaningful insights.

Market Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of customers and prospects based on their movements and habits.

Competitive Insights

Geofence competitor locations to get a better understanding of customer traffic, buying preferences and loyalty.

Customer Experience

Drive customer engagement by delivering personalized and location-specific content.


Increase engagement by delivering content that is relevant to your target's surroundings.


Measure campaign ROI by accurately correlating store visits to ad exposure.

See what precise location intelligence can do for you

Why Skyhook?

Robust Data

Skyhook's location data set combines multiple sources including SDK data as well as partner-provided data. All of which is scrubbed and verified by our team of location experts and data validation algorithms.

Location Experts

At Skyhook, we are experts and pioneers in location.  Our history in designing and deploying location systems is steeped with more than 14 years of experience and knowledge gained from 450+ patents.

With Skyhook, you receive a trusted partner who can deliver both quantity and quality location data.

Venue Data

Deriving meaningful insights requires the combination of precise device and venue location data.  Skyhook’s database includes 20+ million verified venues, allowing us to accurately identify when a specific device appears at a specific venue.