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Technology has evolved to the point where wearables now play a key role in tracking and safety devices. The market has exploded with child safety devices such as HereO smartwatches and mobile personal emergency response systems like the Philips Lifeline. In addition, several manufacturers have recently launched highly reliable pet and offender tracking devices as well. All of these applications have one extremely important factor in common -- the need for precise location.


Health & Wellness

Accurate location can provide critical data through various fitness trackers, allowing manufacturers to offer increased functionality. Insurance providers have started providing policy-driven initiatives, such as specialized wearables that track program adherence, or reward healthy behaviors. In addition manufacturers can now offer offline location tracking, eliminating the need for wearables to be tethered to a smartphone. Wearables can then resolve location analytics when connected to a WiFi network, phone or computer.

Enhanced UX

Devices such as smartwatches and action cameras are quickly catching up to smartphones when it comes to functionality. With the ability to provide accurate location, cameras can automatically tag and geocode pictures and venues based on the signal environment for organization. Settings such as brightness, volume, and do not disturb can be automatically programmed based on location and time.


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